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Chakras UK Tour

Howdy folks, We have just announced our UK tour dates. Here is a list of them all below. More details to follow tomorrow, ticket links and that sort of stuff. Hope to see you all along the way.


Nice one // Gordo

Made of Glass

The vague time frame of the “The not to distant future” is where Corning, the glass and ceramics experts, see this video as a reality. Whether all this will pan out the way Corning hope, its an exciting watch. Some of it makes such perfect sense, the touch sensitive bus stop. Yeah ill have abit of that. You might have some finger smudging problems but bring on the future! right?



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The Chakras ‘The Sun’ UK

Heres a little mention of us in The Sun newspaper today. 


Oil Diggers pockets….

Well it’s come to this time of the four year cycle once again. That means it’s time for Obama and all of the opposing republican candidates to start making some good friends with deep pockets to try and win the U.S presidential race. For the Republicans I’m sure that the oil companies will certainly come to the rescue once again. If they do manage to win, let’s hope this time it won’t result in a war mongering lunatic getting in to office, that’s right George Bush please take a bow.


A lecturer once told me, “The U.S presidential race is a nastiest game around, whether you’re republican or democrat, no one gets to the top of the ladder over there without scratching so many backs, that by the time you’re in the hot seat, you owe a lot of people, a lot of things. And these people want to be paid back with interest, PRONTO”.


With quite a few of the caucuses behind us and the governor ofMassachusetts, Mitt Romey back in the lead for the Republican Party nomination, there have been a few casualties and a few campaigns derailed along the way. They have come in a variety of ways, from sex scandals to not knowing what you would do when you get in to the White house, with this last one being my personal favourite. In the nationally televised debate, Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry, who coincidentally sounds like a WWF wrestler was asked what organisations he would scrap if he got the top job. Here is Ricks answer below. Absolutely brilliant…



Whatever happens between now and the 6th of November I think the world better be hoping that Obama gets his second term. He might not have lived up to every promise he made but I do honestly believe that he has tried to, and will continue to do so, that’s a lot more then many of his counterparts have ever done (and probably the republicans)


4 more years!!!!!



London show Friday night 23rd Feb, East London

Howdy folks,


Just to make sure all you London folks are coming along to this gig tomorrow. We’re playing one of London’s hottest nights out ‘This Feeling’ on Friday 24th of February. The night had seen dj sets and appearances from Serge Kasabian, Doves, The Charlatans and Shaun Ryder.

This Feeling at The Vibe Bar,Brick Lane, EastLondon, London. E1 6QLUK. Onstage at 8:30..

”A colossal club night” Noel Gallagher

”Like A mad 60′s carnival” Serege Kasabian

”Londons most rock ‘n roll night out” London’s Evening Standard

Get your tickets for Friday 24th February from

Photography (Part 5)

I decided to go trudging through some of the photo’s I have taken whilst being back in Dublin seeing as I had no camera for my last visit bar my iphone. I managed to stumble across this one which I really love and had completely forgotten about. It was orginally much brighter but seeing as it is a statue which is depicting the famine of Ireland from 1845-1852 I thought it best to alter the photo ever so slightly.

I decided to boost the colour and then turn it to black and white which has given the face of the statue to me a far more gaunt and haunting look and for some reason completely unbeknown to myself added a gold or bronze kind of tinge.


This Chuck Norris Facts over the top parody thingy is going around at the moment…some of them are pretty good…

When Alexander Bell invented the telephone he had 3 missed calls from Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris can play Xbox with a Playstation controller

All this talk of Chuck Norris being so tough is bullshit, if he was so tough he would come in now and smash my head on this keybo;app;efauruepiuhytgiukjgh

Chuck Norris can feel sound

Chuck Norris doesn’t read books, he stares at them till they give him the information he wants

The Delta Force is not a movie, it’s a documentary

Chuck Norris already found the “X” on the map

Chuck Norris flosses with bicycle chains

If Chuck Norris hits himself, he’ll create an infinite loop by countering each blow, a paradox no one can solve…except Chuck Norris

 Disclaimer! In real life Chuck Norris is a creationist which is a very polite way of saying he’s a delusional man who only has sex in the missionary position.


Paul McGrath (The Black Pearl)

Someone asked me recently what the greatest performance I had seen from someone in an Irish jersey was and this is it…… Paul McGrath Vs Italy at USA World Cup 1994. An absolute classic display from a legend that was also famous for battling a lot of personal demons throughout his career. It was well known that he suffered terribly with his knees. Here is a little video I found of him against Italy, he was 34 ffs! 10 years older than the strikers he was marking….