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Music Therapy

Ok so maybe a small bit of ipod pushing, but this video further proves that music therapy is a serious health profession that helps many people when nothing else seems to.

We warn you, This video is seriously emotional


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Photography 7

So I decided to venture out on our of our days off touring on the “oul” bicycle to get myself a little bit of exercise and to also utilise it as an opportunity to hopefully capture a few more shots for this here blog.

First off I took this shot from behind an unsuspecting couple. I know I know that sounds so creepy but as I said in one of the previous blogs sometimes the most unexpected scenario can throw up some fabulous results. It’s a shame it wasn’t an elderly couple as I think that would have added a bit more weight to the sentiment of two people enjoy an evening sunset together on a park bench.

Of course I did play around with the temperature and tint of the colours within the original photo to come up with the finished product.


I decided not to lurk behind this coupe for too long as I might have heard a siren or two and seen some blue flashy lights heading in my general direction for bordering too much on the voyeuristic side of things. So I saddled up again in search of something else to capture.

I managed to find a fairly secluded spot further on and by this time the sun was setting very fast and it was beginning to leave me with limited options.

I did although manage this shot which is a little more cluttered than most but I have always found tree branches to be very interesting against a background. The way they almost look like cracks in the scenery as if it was being viewed from an aerial position or something. It’s a bit hard to describe if I’m honest but hopefully you get the gist of where I am going with this.


Until we click again

Take Care & Much Love

Kane x