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Music Therapy

Ok so maybe a small bit of ipod pushing, but this video further proves that music therapy is a serious health profession that helps many people when nothing else seems to.

We warn you, This video is seriously emotional


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We The People used on ITV Champions League Coverage

We would like to thank  ITV for using “We The People” from our debut album Build Me A Swan.

It feels pretty sweet hearing your music coming back at you through your television set.


Kane x.

BIG LOVE, Kane x." data-site="THE CHAKRAS">
BIG LOVE, Kane x." data-site="THE CHAKRAS">

Photography 7

So I decided to venture out on our of our days off touring on the “oul” bicycle to get myself a little bit of exercise and to also utilise it as an opportunity to hopefully capture a few more shots for this here blog.

First off I took this shot from behind an unsuspecting couple. I know I know that sounds so creepy but as I said in one of the previous blogs sometimes the most unexpected scenario can throw up some fabulous results. It’s a shame it wasn’t an elderly couple as I think that would have added a bit more weight to the sentiment of two people enjoy an evening sunset together on a park bench.

Of course I did play around with the temperature and tint of the colours within the original photo to come up with the finished product.


I decided not to lurk behind this coupe for too long as I might have heard a siren or two and seen some blue flashy lights heading in my general direction for bordering too much on the voyeuristic side of things. So I saddled up again in search of something else to capture.

I managed to find a fairly secluded spot further on and by this time the sun was setting very fast and it was beginning to leave me with limited options.

I did although manage this shot which is a little more cluttered than most but I have always found tree branches to be very interesting against a background. The way they almost look like cracks in the scenery as if it was being viewed from an aerial position or something. It’s a bit hard to describe if I’m honest but hopefully you get the gist of where I am going with this.


Until we click again

Take Care & Much Love

Kane x

How to deal with people who cut in line

I thinks its fair to say we have all been in this position a couple of times in our lifetime, I know I certainy have and by God, it infuriates me to the point of self-combustion. Can someone please please please tell me what’s the rush?

I think we can all learn something from Larry David on this topic and I may just put some of his techniques into practice the next time we pull the van over to the next available services station whilst trekking up and down the length and breath of UK and in need of a coffee/hot chocolate top up.

Much Love

Kane x


‘Build Me A Swan’ UK Tour March – April 2012



























































Tron Light Dance

So I was doing the usual troll through of all things interesting on youtube and I came across this super cool light suit dance routine being performed in Japan.

I have to give it to these guys they have done a smashig job with this, the movements accompanied by the lighting is nothing short of breathaking.

I think I may just have to watch Tron all over again after seeing this

Much Love

Kane x

I think I may just have to watch Tron all over again after seeing this Much Love Kane x" data-site="THE CHAKRAS">
I think I may just have to watch Tron all over again after seeing this Much Love Kane x" data-site="THE CHAKRAS">

Chakras UK Tour

Howdy folks, We have just announced our UK tour dates. Here is a list of them all below. More details to follow tomorrow, ticket links and that sort of stuff. Hope to see you all along the way.


Nice one // Gordo

London show Friday night 23rd Feb, East London

Howdy folks,


Just to make sure all you London folks are coming along to this gig tomorrow. We’re playing one of London’s hottest nights out ‘This Feeling’ on Friday 24th of February. The night had seen dj sets and appearances from Serge Kasabian, Doves, The Charlatans and Shaun Ryder. http://www.facebook.com/thisfeelinghq.

This Feeling at The Vibe Bar,Brick Lane, EastLondon, London. E1 6QLUK. Onstage at 8:30..

”A colossal club night” Noel Gallagher

”Like A mad 60′s carnival” Serege Kasabian

”Londons most rock ‘n roll night out” London’s Evening Standard

Get your tickets for Friday 24th February from https://secure.viewlondon.co.uk/payment/ticket-booking.aspx?id=35885